Last Day of Finals at Cafe Maji

Shrimp Tomato Linguini

So today is the last day of finals. But before I get to that 7:30 ISDS final, I thought it would be a great idea to get some food at Cafe Maji in Artesia to calm my nerves and make my belly happy.

Cafe Maji

I have always loved Cafe Maji. From the moment you walk into either of their two locations, you feel instantly calm and happy with soft Korean music in the background. I have been to many other Korean cafes, but Cafe Maji has always stood out the most. Unlike the cafes in Koreatown, this cafe is conveniently located in the 626 and in Artesia. Luckily for me, the voyage to either locations is easier than to Koreatown. However, there are major differences to both locations. The Arcadia location is on top of a gym and serves limited food options, while the Artesia location is in its own place and serves a larger variety of food that includes the Maji Burger and various pasta dishes. These two locations serve the same desserts and drinks and I would overall say that everything on the menu not only looks delicious, but actually tastes delicious.

Cheesecake with Grapes

Both locations are unique in their own ways and becomes one of the best places to catch up with an old friend, go on a date, or just simply study with a latte with a special artwork on top. Whatever the reason you go, enjoy it!

❤ liz




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