Review on Amore Pacific’s Cushion Compact

Hi all! ❤

So I recently went to my local Sephora store and was looking for a new light-weight BB cream because my Lancome BB cream was nearing the end of its life. I have been eyeing the Amore Pacific line for a while now and purchased some of their skin care products awhile back. Their cushion is supposed to have SPF 50 and work well on all skin types. I would get into all the details of this cushion, but you can find it on the Sephora website provided here 🙂

Their retail price is around $60 and although it sounds like a lot of money, it does have a spare included so you are technically spending $30 on each~ I ended up getting the cushion in the color 102 which is good for neutral to ivory skin tones. Like all cushions compacts, they are great to keep in your bag for touch-ups and this one is handy because it has a nice sized mirror.

Although this cushion is light-weight, you should not expect too much coverage. I have mild rosacea and some acne blemishes but I do not feel a need to use foundation because I always feel unnatural when I wear it. This cushion does enough to clear some of my redness and hide small blemishes. This cushion does not cover everything but it does leave a nice dewy texture after you apply on the face. After a long day out, I only had to touch up once around my nose due to my sunglasses rubbing the formula off.

Without anything on (morning)
After applying in the morning; redness decreased
At the end of the day

If you are thinking about purchasing the Amore Pacific Cushion Compact for light coverage, I would definitely recommend it. Being a Korean brand, the down side is that it does not have a great variety of colors and does not have a lot of coverage. The fragrance does not bother me but it is a bit strong once applied which can turn someone away from the product. On the plus side, Korean beauty brands are a big trend and this product leaves your face with a fresh, dewy, and young complexion! 😀 Let me know what you think about this product!~

Pros: Dewy complexion, light-weight, high SPF, nice fragrance

Cons: Expensive, small variety of colors, must be touched-up if out all day

Overall: 7.5/10

❤ liz

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