April Favorites

Hi y’all!

I hope you are having a happy happy Wednesday! πŸ™‚ This week has been a hectic week at work and I am so excited to finally get through month-end close ^^’ I don’t know if it’s just me, but time sure is flying a lot quicker than it did last year 😦 As a kid I remember the adults were always saying to enjoy being young because time goes quicker when you get older. Oh man, they sure were right γ… _γ… 

Any who, I thought it would be interesting to start posting up a monthly favorite blog. I’ve been pretty good at posting at least once a week and I feel that this would be a great addition! I hope you all enjoy and read on about my April favorites! ⭐

Beauty and Home Products

April was the month I came back from my trip to Korea. I brought many things back home but two of my favorite things that I use on a daily basis are the Line Friends Room Perfume and this cute head band!

The room perfume literally fills the air with a peony scent and comes in a cute little can with the Kony character. This was a last minute purchase at the airport to get rid of my remaining Won and I really wish I bought two 😦 This little can is around a quarter done now so I would say it would last around 3-4 months. The scent can be a bit strong if you have a smaller room but it seemed to disperse well across my bedroom. It seems to be pretty popular since it is sold out on the Line Friends site πŸ˜₯ I didn’t get the combination set but was able to buy the can forΒ β‚©10,000 which is around USD$10.

The next monthly favorite is this pink bunny hair band that I got at ArtBox in Myeongdong. This little thing is not only cute, but it is super awesome at keeping my hair out of my face when I wash up. It was also super cheap!! I think it was maybe no more than β‚©3,000? Which comes out to around USD$2. They had so many options to choose but I ended up with the bunny which ended up matching the room perfume πŸ˜€ I also wish I would have purchased a couple more but I’ll remember for my next trip there!

Fashion Items

A couple of fashionable items that I loved during the month were my Daniel Wellington watch and this Madewell gingham bell sleeve shirt. The watch is simple and classic. It pretty much matches with the majority of my outfits and being 32mm, it is not too big or too small. I see this brand everywhere on Instagram and my boyfriend and I thought it would be cute to get couple watches together. He seems to enjoy his and at around $150, I can’t complain too much πŸ™‚

I love Madewell clothing, but it is sometimes really expensive. I was lucky to find this blouse at Nordstrom Rack for around $40 and I am so happy I purchased it! Gingham print has been a trend and I like that the print on this shirt wasn’t too in your face. I also really love the sleeves! The sleeves are right around your elbow which makes it easy to wear on those warmer or cooler days. It is sold out at Nordstrom Rack but you can probably find the same blouse on Poshmark.


I had many songs that I had on replay during the month of April. But the top 3 songs for the month were:

  1. Grapevine – Junoflo ft. Jay Park ❀
  2. Boom Boom – MomoLand
  3. Likey – Twice


I love food!! But who doesn’t right?? πŸ˜‰ Anyways, these little things saved my boyfriend and I on our hike in Korea. We did not pack any food, but this cute grandma gave us Kimbap and these chocopies. Oh boy, were these delicious! We ended up buying a box of these to bring home, and I sooo regret not buying more πŸ˜₯ These are only available in Korea so if you are headed there, make sure to pick some up! Instead of having a chocolate exterior like most chocopies, this is made of sponge and has the peach filling inside with yogurt cream. It is so hard to find online, but onΒ Ebay, people are selling it for $18 </3 In Korea, a box would end up aroundΒ β‚©6,000 which is close to USD$5.

What were some of your favorites in the month of April? Feel free to comment below and also let me know how your week went πŸ™‚ ❀

❀ liz

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