My Travels to Vancouver!

Hi all! ❤ I hope everyone’s day is going well! 🙂 So not too long ago I went on a short and sweet vacation to Vancouver with my boyfriend. We just recently graduated and wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t in California. We were looking around for the cheapest plane tickets and ended up planning a week to see what Canada was like.

We did AirBnb for our stay in Vancouver and it was the best decision we made. The cost for a week was around $700 which comes out to $100/day. We were located in Downtown Vancouver pretty much 2 minutes away from the train stations and a large mall to do all our shopping. We ended up not renting out a car to save money on transportation so the being located near all the train stations was a big plus! Upon arriving I was excited to be in a new place but unsure of how the week would go 😀

Our week consisted of constant walking and exploration of the city. We both agreed that the highlight of our trip was to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. From our apartment, we had to take a 30 minute bus ride which led us to the attraction. The cost came out to around $70CAD with our student discounts. It was incredible to be on a bridge that was hanging 200+ft above a small creek. My boyfriend was acting like a baby the whole entire time we were on the bridge xD If you enjoy the outdoors and like seeing things that you don’t typically see elsewhere this is a great spot to check out. Although it is a big tourist attraction, it is one that should not be missed!

Another spot that my boyfriend and I enjoyed was the Aquarium. When planning the trip, this was another spot that many people suggested tourists to go. This aquarium is supposedly the largest one in Canada and one of the top 5 largest in North America. This was a place we had to go to. We came here on a rainy day and loved everything we saw. They have a huge collection of different species of jellyfish, an area to touch the backs of sting rays, and much more. The cost to get in per person was around $30CAD (student discount) and if you wanted to grab a snack or eat lunch, they have a cafe located inside.

This trip was a great getaway from my usual life. Although Vancouver had a similar vibe to LA, I would say that Vancouver was overall much more greener and tried its best to get its citizens to recycle and do their part in helping the environment. The streets in downtown were a lot more narrower compared to LA and walking down the block was quick and easy. We were sad that we had to leave but it was time to start planning our next trip 🙂

I cannot wait to be able to travel to other countries and see what else lies out there 🙂 Thank you Canada for the awesome time and I hope to come back soon! ⭐

❤ liz

Class of 2017! My Reflections on My College Experience

CSUF Class of 2017!

Hi all! ❤

School is ending soon for most and as each one of us gets closer and closer to the finish line, I am proud to say that I have finally made it. This past semester marked the last and final semester of my undergraduate year and I must say that I am excited to finally be done but I am hella scared to enter this time period of not knowing what is going to happen next. In this post, I will talking about my overall experiences with college and what I look forward to post-graduation 🙂

Now I have always been a studious student and have received good grades throughout my school career. As I got into college, I got super lazy and just didn’t put the same level of effort into it as I did before. Now that I have just graduated, I realized that I should have just put the extra effort into studying. I guess I was just so tired of putting effort into everything and not getting exact results that I gave up and just was okay with a C because it was still passing. But if there’s one thing I regret, it is getting the grades I got. I mean you’re paying for this tuition, so might as well get the most out of it.

With all the people I have met, there were only so many I actually stayed in contact with. I always wanted to join a sorority, but I ended up wanting to do it when I was the busiest. Although I wished to have joined and be a part of something, I did meet some cool people and got to network with many students in my field of study. College is the place to meet everyone and do everything you can. If you want to study abroad, do it. If you want to join a club, do it. If you don’t reach out for what you want, you’re most likely not going to get it. And that’s something I have realized after all these years in school. Only you can control what you want to do. I am happy to say that even though I didn’t do everything I wanted, I know that only I can control how I want my life to be.

Overall, I enjoyed my experiences at all my schools. Whether it was elementary, middle, high school, or college, I got to meet a lot of people and it truly helped shaped me into the person I am today. I hope that I will be able to land a job in my field but I am not too stressed out about it. I’m thinking of going back for grad school as well or just start my studies for the CPA exam. But I really want to take the time to invest in myself and use this time to be selfish and do what I want like traveling, before it is too late to do so. I have already made plans to go to Vancouver so I am really excited about that 😀 If anyone out there has suggestions on places to eat or visit, let me know 🙂 I will only be there for a week so I want to pack as much activities as I can!

Like I said earlier, I am scared of what will happen next, but I feel that I will be able to tackle on whatever life throws at me ⭐

To my parents: thank you for everything you have done for me in all my life, if it wasn’t for you encouraging me to do well, I would have never finished school and I am super happy that I got to walk the stage to make you both proud 🙂 te amo mucho ❤ ❤ ❤

Outfit: Ted Baker (this dress was on the pricey side but worth it for a special day)

Shoes: Coach (Nordstrom Rack)

Sunglasses (below): Carin; I got mine in LA from Eyeholics

And congratulations to the Class of 2017!! 😀

My mom ❤


My dad and I ❤
The boyfriend ❤

❤ liz

Review on Tarte’s Tarteist Treats Eye & Lip Set

Hi all! ❤

So in this post I’ll be talking about Tarte’s Tarteist Treats Eye & Lip set. I’m a sucker for bundles and getting the most out of your dollar. I’m not a big user of eye shadows and didn’t want to invest in a $40-60 eye shadow palette, so I wanted to opt for something smaller and not too expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the high-end palettes like the Naked palette, but I don’t see myself using it all up and would probably have it sit out for the majority of the time 😦 While browsing through the Sephora app, I stumbled across this particular eye shadow set. The kit cost $25 and included a mini lip gloss and mini mascara. The palette by itself would have cost $23 so for $2 more, I got two more items 😀 I ordered through my phone and was patiently waiting for the day of arrival.

My package has arrived! 😀
Yay!~ 🙂 A new kit to play with!

As you can see from above, the kit comes in a cute box which contains all three products mentioned before. I was super happy to come home to this box after a long day at work and was immediately ready to test it out. The first thing I wanted to put on was the lip gloss. Now, the lip gloss is part of their Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint collection and it’s in the color WCW which is a really nice berry color. When applying it, it seemed like it was going to be a dark plum color. However, I spread out the color across the lips and the plum color turned into a nice berry almost like a rasberry color that I absolutely love! ❤ 🙂 I feel like this color would be great to put on if you wanted that pop of color but wanted something more than the ordinary red. My skin is pretty fair so this color went really well with my face and it wasn’t too sticky on my lips.

Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in WCW

Now moving onto the eye shadow palette. The palette is a great size to travel around with and have when you want that natural but dazzling look. The colors that were included in this kit were: Drive (nude), Boss (bronze), Stylin (brown), Hype (gold), Crisp (chestnut), and Dominate (shimmering rasberry). I did a swatch of all the colors on my arm to show how the colors would bounce off my skin. My favorite from just looking at the swatches was Hype and Dominate. I love glittery eyelids and feel like these colors would be great additions to my everyday look 😉

Swatch of: Dominate, Boss, Crisp, Stylin, Hype, and Drive (left to right)

Lastly, Tarte’s kit include their mini Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara in black. I’m not a big fan of mascaras (been using Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara for forever) but if I just wanted that extra length for my lashes, this was a great item to try out. When opening the product, it felt like I was trying to suck something out of the tube. It was weird because I never used a mascara like this and when I was trying to discard some of the product back into the tube, I ended up making a little mess 😐 This was the only downfall for me in this kit. The mascara did make my eyelashes very beautiful and thick and lengthen them, but it was a bit too much of product that went on and made little clumps on my eyelashes. Because I rarely use mascara, this won’t bother me too much but for those who regularly do wear it, be aware~

Ater – lighting makes a total difference lol

Overall, I enjoyed this little bundle of goodies. I can’t wait to try out different looks with the eye shadow palette and see the different combinations I can create. This was a great value for your dollar and if you want to look into the product, I have provided a link to the Sephora website ⭐

On a side note, I’m trying my best to post up a blog every week but I’m pretty sure most know how school goes 😎 I think these types of posts are something I’ll try to keep doing but let me know what other topics I should branch out to. I’m thinking of doing some fashion and food posts, and with summer coming up, I’m hoping to get some posts about traveling. Any who, I do hope you all enjoyed this review! Have a great rest of your day and smile big!~~~ 🙂

Pros: Inexpensive, good for travel, colors are vibrant and long-lasting

Cons: Mascara is hard to control the amount you want to apply = messy

Overall: 9/10

❤ liz


Tips for College Freshman

So I turned 22 not that long ago (22 oooo oooo~~ haha :P). As I sing that song, it reminds me of when I first started college. As I begin to evolve into my adult life/career, I realized that I should of done things a lot more differently than when I first got into college. As a fourth year student, I now know how things work at my school (parking, classes, teachers etc.). However, it took me all four years to pick up on most of these. With graduation ceremonies taking place, this post will mainly be a ramble about what I went through in college and my tips for future college students.

As I sit in my geology 101 class full of freshmen students (yeah I waited a long time to take this class for whatever reason), I pick up on their conversations with one another and noticed that I obviously was not the only one who felt alone when I first started. They were in search of friends because the school was new to them and most like I, commute to the school from all directions.Now making friends in high school was easy unless you were new to the school. Most have the same friends that they have had throughout their school career and see the same people all the time. College was much different. You end up going to the school knowing maybe a couple of people from the same high school. I got lucky and had about 10 people from my class of ’12 and could never imagine how isolated I would feel if I were to have gone out-of-state 😮  There are those who have absolutely no trouble talking to people and enjoy making new friends, I am not like that all the time and I prefer for someone to come up to me and talk to me first. But that does not allow you to make many friends that way. During my third year in college, I got tired of waiting for someone to talk to me and took the initiative to start the conversation. That way, people started to engage in more conversations with me and I started to like school more. You can never have too many connections in school, so go and talk to people.

Studying…  Now I honestly never study all that much and it is a really bad habit to form. I may have excuses for my lack of studying but at the end of the day, that excuse is not going to work when it comes to your grades. Not everyone studies the same, some may need to study more and others are just naturally smart and understand things more quickly. My advice would be to make sure that you find some time to study or else your grades will suffer. Trust, repeating a class is never fun especially if you have to take the same teacher again (took accounting twice w/same professor it was humiliating 😦 ). If I were to go back in time, I would of probably rescheduled  my outings with my friends on a Saturday night and devote at least an hour or two reading the chapters the next test would be on. Also, those breaks you have in between classes, use them to go over what you learned in the prior class or read ahead to understand what will go on in your next class. Always utilize the time you have available in case  anything were to come up later!

I can go on and on about what you should and should not do when you get into college, but I don’t want to bore you with an essay. Now if I were to give 10 tips to an upcoming college freshman, this would be it:

  1. TALK! To meet new people, you need to introduce yourself! If you never talk to anyone, no one will want to talk back to you. If you are at events, make sure to connect yourself to future employers, co-workers, etc., you never know who you will meet
  2. Go to class! I am still working on that bad habit, but it will be better for you in the long-run since you are paying for it in the end and it will be better to absorb the information in class rather than try to learn it on your own
  3. Study! Grades do matter! I swear do not be like me and just fly away with C’s. C’s get you degrees but honestly A’s look so much better on your transcript and would be beneficial for you against the competitors in your field and will land you your dream job that much easier ❤
  4. Find a major you like! When you start college you are going to have to pick a major. Now there are many majors to choose from: art, history, math blah blah blah. Use your first year to test out some classes and see if you are interested in majoring in them. Not everyone knows what they will do when they start, and some might pick a major and end up switching later on, don’t worry too much, just find what you like and would make you happy in the future
  5. Eat! I often have classes at 7am and never seem to have enough time to eat breakfast which results with a hungry stomach and a tired mind. The least you can do when you are in a rush is have a granola bar on you! Also make sure to not overeat with the unlimited buffet in the cafeteria, the freshmen 15 are real if you make it real.
  6. Sleep! As much as I love to eat, I really love to sleep. Try to adjust to the new schedules you create for school and make sure that you get enough rest. Going to class with only 4 hours of sleep will not do you much good if you have to go to 3-4 back-to-back classes. If you had to sleep few hours that night, make sure to take a short nap the next day so that your body and brain can get their well-deserved rest.
  7. Join!! Join some sort of club/frat/sorority that you are interested in. Every school offers a variety to choose from. If your a little skeptical about joining, don’t be because the people you meet there are like you and will be warm welcoming. If your more into your academics and would rather not join something too time consuming, join a club within your major. I want to be a future CPA and my school offers an Accounting Society that networks with firms from around the area
  8. Make good memories! School will only be in your life so much longer. For some it will be another 10 years for others it will be far less. If you did not have all the great memories in high school like I did, make it up in college
  9. Be happy! 😀 Seriously though, if you are unhappy at your school, your time there will be miserable. I was going to transfer schools but ended up staying because I opened up to my fellow classmates and made friends. I am a lot more happy now than I was four years ago 🙂
  10. Balance! Without balance your whole world will be off. Try not to overload yourself with too much activities. I did that during one of my semesters and ended up failing a class because I could not do the homework nor study for the exams. It will take a semester/quarter or two to find your balance but once you do, try to maintain it even when life throws you curve balls!

Now I think I am done with my rants for you upcoming freshmen. Don’t be scared okay? You have all done a great job so far and made it through the beginning of your education. Just make to sure to push all the way through with your best efforts and then you will truly be successful. Good luck and congrats!!

❤ liz